How To Find American Standard Toilet Model Number

A toilet that is malfunctioning is the only thing anyone wants to avoid, and at times this situation is difficult when you don’t have an idea of what type of toilet you are using. How will you get the repair parts of your toilet if you don’t know the size or the one that will fit?

Today we are at your service because we’ve created a complete toilet fractious reference sheet that will enable you to figure out the American Standard Toilet Model Number or Manufacturer’s Number.

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Steps in Finding Your American Standard Toilet Model Number

Method 1:

Gently and slowly take off the toilet tank top and set it on a leveled floor, facing the bottom up. Search for the producer number or a name on the base side of the water tank cover.

It may not be clear because it might be painted or stamped on while some are written by the plumber (using marker or pen) that replaced it recently or long ago.

Method 2:

If you couldn’t find any number or name on the tank cover, make use of a flashlight and search again inside the water container itself.

Several times you’ll see a manufacturer number or name (it might be painted using waterproof paint or stamped to avoid cleaning) over the water limit, but some are behind the fill valve or under the water border. Spend enough of your time and hold the light at a corner to aid in better seeing of any stamp.

Also look straight and gently into the base of the tank, because of manufacturers might stamp the numbers there.

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Method 3:

You can take a cloth or hand gloves to prevent rough porcelain from hurting you.

Wipe the interior body of the tank slowly to know if there are some numbers there because it won’t be leveled and smooth. This won’t keep the back of the interior tank clean, but it will drop dirt in the indentation or gaps where you see the number enabling you to find it and makes it easy to read.

Method 4:

Bear in mind that a wide variety of modern toilets carry the producer’s name in a little spot on the bowl linking the bolts connecting the toilet seat.

However, you can disregard any name written on the seat of the toilet because they are not of the same brand as the toilet. This could at least place you on the exact track towards locating your toilet model number, either by consulting the manufacturer or calling an experienced plumber with the foresight to help you out.

If you have found it, it will be easy for you to replace any damaged parts of your toilet


There are many types of flushing toilet available in the market. Knowing the model number of your toilet will give you an easy replacement of parts when broken. Above are the steps on how to find your American Standard toilet model number.

If you follow our guidelines, you will be expertise in selecting the repair parts of your toilet, and also you will not be confused when buying it. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

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