How To Clean Out Your Bathroom Sink Drain

Slow water movement and clogged drain of a bathroom sink is a common problem in every household. This actually occurs due to bacteria living on hair, gummy soap, toothpaste, shaving cream and much other everyday used objects. Apart from that, increasing mold and mildew also block the sink drain. Apparently for this often you face the problem that how to clean out your bathroom sink drain.

Simply, on regular basis cleaning prevents increasing mold and bacterial attack. Further, you can do this occasionally by the help of any plumber. In both cases, you obviously need to get some concept of the cleaning process. Perhaps we got some easy idea by which you can prevent to block your sink drain.

1. Hot or boiled water

Use of hot water is a very well known cleaning process to remove the stubborn blockage. By using simple hot water you can cleanup the mold and clogged tube. Pour hot water slowly into your desired place then see the magic. You might need 3 to 4 liter of water for one session cleaning up process. In every turn, you have to pour boiled water into your bathroom sink in slow motion. But in this technique, you will not be able to fully hygiene your bathroom sink. As you might know already hot water is able to minimize clogged and mold attack but not hygiene them fully.

2. Using baking soda with white vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are usually used for cooking perspective but it has a lot of other uses around the household. Both have such kind of properties that can work great in odors, clogging and mold-related drain cleaning. In order to clean your sink drain and make them odor free you have to use both of them by following the method.

  • Firstly you need a cup of baking soda and have to put them carefully into your sink drain. In case you must make sure you put them in the exact place. Then allow baking soda to set properly and for this, you have to wait for 15 to 20 minute. By doing so baking soda absorb unpleasant odor and help to clean them perfectly.
  • In a second step, you need 1 cup white vinegar and 1 large cup of boiled or hot water. Make a mixture of both vinegar and water into a pot or cup then put them carefully into your drain. For your information vinegar also contains natural deodorizer that helps to clear odor.
  • After you put the mixture into your drain where you previously place baking soda, they all together make a foamy texture. Again allow this texture work for 10 minutes then put 1 to 2-liter hot water into your drain. After completing all this process finally you will be able to get odor and clumsy free sink.
  • Repeat the process every fifteen days or in a week to make sure your bathroom sink drain remain clean.

3. Use lemon with water

Although above mentioned method works great for cleaning but if still, you smell odor then apply this particular one. Ordinarily, take a cup of water and boil them at high temperature then crush one big size lemon into it. Make a mixture and put directly into your sink drain and we believe you got odors free sink.

4. Use a plunger

A plunger is especially needed when your sink gets stuck by hair or other accessories that are not usually gone by water. In that case firstly you have to buy your sink size plunger then simply remove your sink upper. Put the plunger directly over the drain and press down until it fits well and after some press, you will get blocked elements. In this process, you also can get plumber help.

Some precaution to follow for keeping your drain in good condition

  • Avoid disposing of any food product in a bathroom sink
  • Use less soap type produce
  • Avoid harsh or strong chemical for cleaning your bathroom or drain
  • Don’t dispose of personal care product like cotton, dental floss, toilet paper into your drain

Final word

We expect by reading our article you might understand how to clean out your bathroom sink drain easily by some simple method. Keep that in mind every cleaning process don’t forget to put a glove in your hand for precaution. Although our mentioned all processes are harmless but glove helps to keep your hand skin healthy. In case this does not work for you then we think your problem is severe then you must go for professional plumber help.

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