5 Best Kukri Knife Reviews And Guide 2022

Have you been looking for the best Kukri? Can’t decide what to pick? These knives are very popular for their classic kukri design as a military weapon as well as for utility uses.

The top 5 best Kukri Reviews and Guide will be helpful for survival enthusiasts like you. Rather than its traditional, elegant design as a knife, you can use it in other things like wooding, cutting, chopping and hunting.


The Kukri is a kind of machete. When it comes to picking top multi-purpose machete on the market, you have to consider carefully before purchasing. In this article, we have selected top 5 kukris for their amazing benefit and features.

Consequently, we have added the buying guide from a user’s perspective as well. Before discussing the five products reviews in detail, we would try to cover up what a kukri is and the historical background behind it. Let’s start.

What is a Best Kukri Knife?

Kukri is a classic Nepalese knife and an outdoor survival knife which makes it a must-have utility item. Nowadays we see that this knife is used as a multi-purpose machete; it comes from Nepal’s Gurkha soldiers. Moreover, it has a curved blade which is thick enough for anything as well as very sharp for any purpose.

Historical Background of Kukri Knife

The first fact that comes to mind when we hear the word “kukri” is, a classic weapon from Nepal. Traditionally, kukri was used by Nepal’s native as a tool cum weapon. It is closely related to the Nepalese army, especially royal Gurkha weapon. This knife is also used in traditional ritual mostly in the weddings in Nepal. As a result, it becomes a cultural symbol of power and strength for Nepal. The British army also used this machete for fierce fighting.

Best 5 Recommended kukri – Our Top Selection

Are you looking for a high-quality Kukri of classic design along with top class performance? In this article, we will discuss our top 5 kukris with their excellent features and benefits. Also, you will know why they are the best of the rest of the others. Here are our top picks.

1. Best Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Knife

Need professional performance? Ka-Bar Kukri is designed for the user to get most benefits out of a machete. This kukri is made in Taiwan and is great for cutting branches, chopping down the weed, or for clearing the land or campsite. At the same time, it comes with all the features of an ideal survival knife. Moreover, it is high-quality with a well-proven design from Ka-Bar.

Technical Specification at a Glance

  •   Product dimension: 5 x 5 x 5 inches
  •   Weight: 1.7 pounds
  •   Grind: Hollow
  •   Steel: Carbon 1085
  •   Blade length: About 11-1/2 Inches

Highlighted Features and Benefit

More than its traditional look, it presents some awesome features and benefits for guys like you. This machete is so far one of the finest Kukri on our list.

High-quality and versatile

The kukri is a product that can sense if it is in the hand or air. It is made with anti-throw carbon steel which makes use of the earth magnetic field and the gravitational earth force with the handle to dictate when it is not in your hand. 

It is versatile because you can use it to dig holes, chop and pound tent stakes yet it will remain as strong as ever. Taiwanese products are always great, so there is no issue with the quality of the product. 

Carbon-steel blade

The first noticeable feature we would like to discuss is the high-quality materials which were used in this machete. This Kukri is made of carbon steel which presents several advantages. It is solidly heavier than you think and razor sharp.  This product is a kukri and a Ka-bar in one.  As a result, it will be in shape for a long period. On the other hand, it is pretty simple to sharpen the blade; you can sharpen it so quickly. Meanwhile, there is no reflection from the blade.


The important part of this kukri is it’s extremely lightweight of 1.7 pounds. Yes! It’s pretty lightweight, but it can withstand challenges. It is well-designed for heavy-duty jobs and carrying this machete won’t be a big issue. Moreover, it is a must-have item for your next outdoor campaign.

Ergonomic handle

The next noticeable feature of this machete is that it comes with a great and comfortable handle which makes it feel natural in your hand. The handle is made up of Ergonomic Kraton G which works well on both dry and wet hand. The large handle will be perfect for chopping as well as clearing trees. Another great feature of this handle is a quillion. Generally speaking, it works as a hook shape.

Black leather Sheath with alternative carrying position

Thanks to its black leather sheath! An excellent feature of the superior level of quality, great for heavy-duty uses. All of this means the sheath is suitable to use in any drastic area. You may decide to fix a belt through the retention strap at the backside of the sheath and its D-loop to make the machete sit in a landscape form. 

That will make it lie across the lower back in a scout style. The edge of the blade will point towards the ground while the handle is pointing towards the left-hand side. Though it might not allow you to keep the handle on the right side, if you wish to flip the edge of the blade up and depend on its front strap for retention of the blade, it will work out.  This kukri is used in several militaries around the world for a longer task. So don’t worry, you will get a professional performance.


  •   Durable and study
  •   Versatile uses
  •   Perfect for rough areas.
  •   Superb classic kukri design
  •   The product is affordable


  •   Lose the blade sharpness after some days.

2. Best Condor Tools & Knives 60217 Heavy Duty Kukri Knife

Condor Tools & Knives Heavy Duty Kukri Knife is one of the most popular machetes in the market today. The designers are the joe flowers who are experts in the production of similar products for many years.

This product is intended to be heavy duty, compact and of a larger size. It possesses all the heft and penetration power of a normal kukri. With plenty of positive feedback on Amazon, this makes the knife not only well-designed but also well reviewed.

It has become popular among travel enthusiast for its superior quality with the overall appearance.

Technical Specification at a Glance

  •   Brand: Condor
  •   Product dimension: 15.8 H x 2 W x 2 D inches
  •   Weight: 1 pound
  •   Steel: Carbon steel 1075 high
  •   Blade length: About 10″ Inches
  •   Handle: Hardwood
  •   Blade: Blasted Satin

Highlighted Features and Benefit

The Condor tools and knives have some extraordinary and unique features.

Heavy duty

Looking at the machete, you can realise why people would like this classic knife. Not only does it have the 10-inch blade that is perfect for survival or outdoor use; it comes with heavy-duty construction with overall 14.5″. This amazing stuff is that it features a blade that has a convex grind with scales and a long-lasting leather sheath. In the meantime, it can beat any large kukri on performance.

Hardwood handle

Another noticeable feature of this knife is its generous handle of hardwood slab. At the same time comes with excellent pinned with brass tube hole and brass which allows sparing in the room. Most traditional models of machete don’t have this amazing lanyard holes feature.

Supreme Leather sheath

Being leather sheath black with snap closure and swivelling belt loop, it is highly secure to carry on your outdoor trekking or camping. It is so far one of the finest machetes in today’s market. The belt loop enables you to carry it with different belts easily. The sheath is well made with good quality leather. It also has an imprint with a condor logo which has a bird perching over a fire and the inscription; “since 1787” beneath it, for you to be sure of the make. The stitching is also strong, and it holds the knife well. Functionality is high with a sleek appearance.

Blade steel and shape

The blade is made from high carbon steel with a full tang design. This material makes the blade steel resistant to chipping and very tough. You will not find sharpening of the blade difficult since its edge is keen with an edge retention quality. The blade is small when you compare it with other kukri, but you can’t just call it small on normal grounds. They can fit into backpacks or bags for convenience. They are a multi-purpose tool with the whole length being fourteen inches while the blade alone is ten inches long and one-third of an inch thick.  

Blade properties

The weight of the knife is one-eighth pounds, and the high carbon steel can resist heat. The blade is sturdy and can chop and split heavy wood. There is an inner angle at the base which you can use to cut and chop. You can be comfortable while using it to chop because the blade edge is well polished, hand finished with razor-sharp nature. With its convex grind feature, it is more efficient when it is removing materials as well as reducing drag than most of the kukris in the market.

Ergonomics as well as handle material

There is a tube lanyard hole of brass on the knife with a South American hardwood handle. The hole is large, and it can accommodate paracord. There is a notch which helps to improve the performance of the knife. The handle is comfortable and strong. With the South American wood, making it be very attractive and graspable. The price is low too.


  •   Affordable
  •   Well balanced
  •   Secure for backpacking
  •   Excellent nod


  •   A little bit heavy.

3. Best Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

Without any doubt, Ka-Bar is one of the finest production kukri knife companies in the industry today, and Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife is a key example of dedication in providing high-quality machete. It comes with a classic design with some premier features for better performance.

Technical Specification at a Glance

  •   Brand: Ka-Bar
  •   Product dimension: 16 H x 4.4 W x 2.6 D inches
  •   Weight: 14.4 ounces
  •   Steel: 1095 cro-Van
  •   It has a Fixed blade which is of black colour as well as its handle
  •   Grind: Flat
  •   Blade length: About 8.”
  •   It has a heavy-duty sheath of polyester

Highlighted Features and Benefit

Rather than its elegant classic design, it gives some amazing features for you. Let’s have a look.

The handle of Kraton G

Thanks to its Kraton G handling! This kukri feature places the knife at the top level. This machete is made of advanced Krakon G with epoxy powder coating. So it won’t break easily within a short period. On the other hand, it is not- reflective as well.

Fabulous sharpness

This Ka-Bar kukri has a surprising level of sharpness. As a result, it will be great not only for chopping but for cutting woods or branches as well. This excellence feature makes it unique from the rest of the others.

Flawless blade 

More than anything, this kukri is a superior high-quality kukri on the market when it comes to the blade. It is designed from high-carbon and Steel of 1095 Cro-Van. Plus, the 8.5-inch length of the blade is an added advantage for better and versatile use.


Nothing can be better than a slip-resistant kukri which allows using it in the wet hand. This feature is not very common in traditional kukri in the market. Therefore, this additional benefit makes it a must-have feature for proper functionality.


  •   Perfect for outdoor adventure.
  •   Polyester sheath gives extra protection.
  •   Durable and portable
  •   Comfortable weight for easy to carry.


  •   Poor sharpen system.
  •   Seems great for murdering

4. Best CS39LGKI-BRK Gurkha Kukri Plus

A fine offering from cold steel, the extraordinary survival model CS39LGKI-BRK is a great choice for individuals who prefer classic Taiwan machete due to supreme quality and superior toughness. With the elegant and complexity like no other machete, the GKI-BRK Gurkha Kukri Plus has the fantastic build. Moreover, cold steel is a well-known brand and never compromised with the quality.

Technical Specification at a Glance

  •   Brand: Cold Steel
  •   Product dimension: 5 H x 5 W x 5 D inches
  •   Weight: 1.43 pound
  •   Steel: 0 to 1 High-carbon
  •   Blade: Fixed blade
  •   Blade length: About 12.”
  •   Handle 5″

Highlighted Features and Benefit

It comes with a wide range of benefit. Here are a few features of Gurkha Kukri Plus.

Whopping blade

This cold steel knife is a blend of modern and traditional ideals. This machete comes with large blade of 5/16″ thick. At the same time, it is 17 inches in length. So it is an ideal design for vegetation. Moreover, this precision-ground blade is incredible when it comes to performance.


Being an impact resistance high-carbon steel (0-1), it is extremely durable. Keep in mind; this metal needs regular cleaning for dissolving problem like pitting and dust. On the other hand, reshaping the machete is pretty same as another kukri.

Lanyard hole

The lanyard hole is an advanced feature which we didn’t see in traditional kukri. Gurkha Kukri Plus comes with lanyard hole which gives plenty of benefit like a safety while using, security from loss, safety in maintaining and processing big animal and for greater diversity.

Secure-Ex sheath

Unlike the Kukri knife above, this cold steel kukri is made up of secure Ex-sheath.  So it won’t break easily within a short period. On the other hand, it is not- reflective as well.


  •   Compact design with awesome finger guard
  •   Lightweight and cuts well
  •   Shorter length
  •   High-quality machete and a military web belts
  •   The sheath that securely keeps the blade strong
  •   Well functioned at an Affordable range


  •   Not perfect for cleaning the overgrowth.
  •   The blade needs extra maintenance.

5. Best Genuine Gurkha Kukri Knife

With the authentic Gurkhas design, Genuine Gurkha Kukri is well-known around the world for the Afghan war. This word comes from Afghanistan AEOF (Enduring Operation Freedom in Afghanistan). If you are looking for a kukri for both use and display, this British Gurkha Afghan Kukri will be the best choice. Moreover, GK&CO is a reputed brand for producing classic handmade kukri, and closely related to the Afghan war.

Technical Specification at a Glance

  •   Brand: GK & CO
  •   Product dimension: 3.3 H x 3.3 W x 18.3 D inches
  •   Weight: 1.76 Ibs
  •   Steel: Steel 5160 graded carbon
  •   Blade length: About 11.”
  •   Handle 5.5″
  •   It has a sturdy unfinished blade for wood chopping

Highlighted Features and Benefit

Genuine Gurkha Kukri is so far one of the best kukris in the world. Here are some important features of this machete.

Bishwakarma handmade

The first thing you will notice is the awesome handmade design of Vishwakarma. What could be greater than a classic craftsmanship machete with superior functionality? This unique design is very eye-catching for sure.

High-grade materials

Being high-graded carbon steel along with long 11 inches blade, honestly speaking it’s quite impressive. Furthermore, the blade is pretty thick 3/8” or 10mm spine. Moreover, it has top class material with predictable tools, and the knife is fully handmade.

Brown sheath

Thanks to its classic Afghan brown sheath! It is authentic and also has a cool look kukri. On the other hand, you can set the machete into the sheath and make a fashion statement among friends.

Eye-catching Rosewood handle

What could be more authentic than a rosewood handle? This eye-catching rosewood handle won’t detach from kukri’s blade. So you can use this classic machete as a display item on the bookshelf. Moreover, This feature is surely not common in most of the classic kukri knife.


  •   Authentic handmade designed by Nepal natives.
  •   Resilient as well as durable
  •   Easy grip handle.
  •   Versatile use.
  •   Manufactured in India


  •   A bit heavy for campaigning
  •   Need more care and maintenance for the blade.
  •   Does not come sharpened

Buying guide- A user perspective

You are already informed about top 5 Kukris on the market. In this stage, we are deciding the machete which will fulfil your expectation. Here in this article, we will try to cover up the entire buying guide that will help you. In case you can’t decide How to choose the best Kukri Knives, this buying guide will help you. So let’s start.

Key uses of Kukri

Although it was primarily used by Nepal army, it is well known for its superb functionality. It’s a cool knife with plenty of uses and some awesome features. Let’s see some of the highlighted uses of the kukri.

  •   This knife is an efficient weapon for combat.
  •   This Kukri can be used in chopping woods or cutting branches.
  •   This machete will be an excellent item for hunting.
  •   May use it in skinning as well as peeling.
  •   It can function in clearing bushes.
  •   A perfect item for self-defence.

Strengths and Advantages of kukri

Kukri is not only for the military as a weapon but also got plenty of advantages. This machete is great for digging holes. Though it’s a sharp kit, it doesn’t occupy much room to carry. If you can take care of it properly, this machete will be reliable and dependable stuff for years to come.

What is the current price of Kukri knives?

The price of Kukri normally depends on its functionality. The material that is used in it and where will you use it or what feature you want. More or less you can get an awesome kukri within $30 to $150. But keep in mind, don’t waste your valuable money to buy a low-quality knife, choose the right brand according to your need and affordability.

Features to look for while buying

Before you pick the kukri for you, you should consider some facts.  The Kukri that will be appropriate for you depends on the purpose for which you are buying it. As mentioned earlier, it is used for different purposes. So let’s have a look at what factors you should consider in buying an awesome kukri.

  •   First of all, the blade material plays a vital role in a quality knife. Don’t pick something with stainless at a cheap rate. It will not be durable. Though Carbon steel kukris are a bit expensive, go for it.
  •   The next noticeable factor to consider is its handle. Most of the traditional kukris handle are made up of rubber and wood. You should check the slipperiness of the kukri.
  •   The other feature on a kukri is its sheath. Make sure you choose kukris that have good quality. It will give an extra shelter and security to your kukri. It’s also a matter of professional statement.

How to maintain the Kukri knife?

Regarding durability, it depends on the maintenance of the knife. So you can enjoy it for a long time. Here we are giving you some procedures to use for a long period. Have a look at the following step to maintain it.

Step-1: At first, clean the machete with gun oil or machine oil. Ensure that you apply oil to it after every 15 days or maybe once in a month. After some time, certain dirt will develop permanently. Carefully avoid the fingerprint when applying the oil on the knife.

Step-2: In this stage polish the other parts of the machete. Here, you can use the shoe polish in the case of leather. For the wooden handle, use furniture shine. Maintaining the knife is not only about the blade, don’t forget the other parts.

Step-3: After polishing, here you have to scrub with gasoline with a hard brush.

For long-term durability, maintaining the machete is mandatory. Here are some extra tips for better longevity.

  •   Avoid using the knife on stone or metallic surface.
  •   Always keep the machete in a dry place and store at room temperature.
  •   Try to repeat the maintenance after 15 days.

FAQs about kukri knife:

  1.   Reader question: What main materials are used in kukri knife?

Answer: In most of the cases, classic kukris are made up of high carbon steel. Normally, this high carbon steel is processed from track suspensions as well as a recycling car.  On the other hand, traditional Nepal kukris are made from woods, metal and buffalo horns.

  1.   Reader question: What is the difference between machete and kukri?

 Answer: Machete and kukri are similar in design and looks, in whole they are different. A kukri is a traditional knife made by Nepal people as a utility knife. On the other hand, machete worked similar in function but used for multi-purpose. A kukri is a kind of machete.

  1.   Reader Question: What are the features to look for a great kukri?

Answer: As kukri not only work as a weapon but also for utility uses, ensure some necessary features on it. There is a certain factor to consider in a top class kukri, the material and the sheath it has.

  1.   Reader Question: What are the brands that make the best kukri knife?

Answer: Classic Kukri is fully handmade by the Nepalese blacksmith of Kami or Biswakarma. Some noteworthy kukri brands that produce great kukris are Condor, GK & CO, Cold Steel, Ka-Bar, Spyderce, and Schrade. More than anything, they don’t compromise on quality.

Our Recommendation

Every Kukri in our top list has excellent benefits and offers great value. Are you looking for a kukri as a professional quality? We highly recommended Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri for its excellent functionality with classic, elegant design. On the other hand, Ka-bar is so far one of the finest kukri manufacturers on the market today.

Final verdict

Hopefully, the best Kukri reviews will be helpful for your next buy. To wrap up this article, we could say there are varieties of high-quality kukri out there. We selected top 5 kukris for you according to their awesome benefit, features, and specification. Furthermore, they are great in functionality as well as superb quality at an affordable range.

To summarize, we would pick Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri to recommend to you. It is a well-balanced machete which has much to offer in different aspects. We hope you love our article and it will be helpful to pick an excellent kukri knife on the market for you.

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