Camco Portable Toilet Reviews And Buying Guide

You can’t deny the call of nature and it becomes the most annoying fact when you are on an outdoor trip. How many times you have been worried about going to the toilet during the camping period. So what you need a permanent solution for those days. So we are here, solving your problem by presenting you to the best Camco portable toilet reviews.

You might be wondering what the portable toilet is. Well let us explain it to you; the portable toilet is a kind of toilet that can be carried with you in your outdoor planning or visit. At present time portable toilet gains huge popularity among them who are finding pleasure at outdoor visits like adventure sports, camping tent, picnic or other recreational activities.

But one question still remains on how to choose the best one among so many options. Therefore we are here to assist you. Today we are going to review one of the best portable toilets along with essential features and buying guides.

Camco (41541) Portable Toilet Reviews

Best portable toiletYou may question us why this one we have chosen to present. Well, we have researched and found out this one perhaps one of the best portable toilets. The model we are taking a look is simply known as the portable toilet. See below for details name and feature.

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Key Feature at a Glance

  • Available in 5.3 gallons and 2.6 gallons
  • Product dimensions are 14x16x5.5 inches
  • Different style like premium, standard available
  • 3 gallons fresh water tank and 2.6gallons flush take include
  • Side latches secure the tank to the toilet

The model comes from Camco brand, one of a well-known brand that is holding their position more than 30 years. Instead of a listed model, we start with the design which is the best for those who like to go for activities like camping, boating, RV, car riding, picnic or other. It is long lasting and comfortable. The best feature that competes with the other portable toilet is its large seat height with an increase blow shape.

Fresh Water Holding Tank

The freshwater holding tank is large enough to hold 5.3 gallons of water. The holding tank is easily detachable and utilizes a plum flush action to effectively raise the blow. Moreover, the tank sealing side valve locks that protect leakage and odors. There has also 2.6 gallons version so you can take according to your need.

Flushing System

It is exciting that a portable toilet also comes with flush mechanism and does its jobs perfectly. Yes, you heard us right the model has flushing capacity. Unlike other portable toilets this one flush tank has the capacity of holding water is 2.5 gallons. On the top of the toilet, there is a cap that can be removed for filling up the flush tank. It is bellow type flush and has pulled slide valve for easy flushing.

Waste Tank

The waste is collected in the waste tank and it has 5.3 gallons of waste holding capacity. You can empty the tank at any time if you think it is filled up. The back of the waste tank has a cape that can be removed for easy empty. You just remove the cape and you are done.

Light Weighted

best portable toilet reviewsTotal weight of the toilet when unused is 10.8 pounds. It got a robust polyethylene construction which makes it lightweight and portable. Although the weight is only 11.5 IB when unused but supports up to 330 IB. If you are worried about after filling up water it will be overweighted and hard to carry then let us tell you that you can take the water tank separately then the weight will be minimized.

So without any further ado lets go ahead and read some pros and cons of this portable toilet.


  1. Comfortable and standard seat height
  2. No odors created because of the sealing side valve locks
  3. Lightweight
  4. Comes with different capacity
  5. Very easy to disposing of the waste tank
  6. bellow type flush


  1. Some users have said that emptying the waste tank is not a pleasant experience
  2. The flush plunger sometimes does not work well

 Buying Guide

Before buying a portable toilet there are some basic thing you must consider and look upon. We are trying to give you some idea about that.

Type of the Portable Toilet

While you are going to buy a portable toilet be assure about the type. Basically, 3 types of them are available in the market and they are the flush portable toilet, composite portable toilet, and bag portable type. Among them, we are reviewing here flushing portable toilet which is nice one indeed.

Size and Weight

Portable toilets come in various type and weight. So when you determined to take makes sure the size which is comfortable and also takes knowledge of weight. Weight is important because if the toilet becomes heavy weighted then it will be difficult to carry out.

Using System

To know the using system is important because a different product has a different function. How to use it properly or how to remove the waste tank or other thing is essential. So before buying very carefully read the function of using it. Otherwise, you will fall in trouble when there would be no way of getting any help.

Final Words

To conclude, it can be said that people, who like to travel may sometimes have to cancel any trip because of the issue of a hygienic toilet. But in this article, we are trying to solve this issue. Of course, there are plenty of portable toilets in the market with many features and various prices. But as we have researched about it we found that Camco portable toilet is the best one amongst them.

Here all the features and functions along with the design are vividly added. Hope this review will help you to choose the best one for you and the buying guide would assist you to judge how to choose right portable toilet.


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