Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use In 2022

An air mattress is an excellent investment if you love camping or outdoor trekking. Also, if you get unexpected visitors and have to giveup your bed due to fewer bedrooms, you need this product.

The reason for having this mattress is that it always offers you a comfortable way of sleeping in both situations.

best air mattress

However, when you start searching for the best air mattress for everyday use so that you may have the comfort you deserve at night, you might face some problems due to the many brands in the market.

We all know that outdoors trips or guest visits are a temporary matter. Therefore, you need a brand of air mattress that has every necessary feature and perfect quality.

This is because, when coming to your everyday use you must need a comfortable, durable, suitable size and other essential facts that matter in a mattress. You will also need the one that will not cut deep into your budget.

Now at this point, we are here to assist you to find your great airbed as much as we can. But before that, we will inform you about the air mattresses available in the market and the features to look out for when choosing the best air mattress for everyday use that will suit you.

What is an Air Mattress?

Well, an air mattress is also known as air beds or blow up beds. This means that air is what you can use to inflate it rather than the normal foam or coil system. You can inflate it by the manual technique of foot-power or via an electric pump.

The existence of air makes it possible for users to adjust or customize to their comfort level. Generally, inflating a tire in this way helps for easy transportation, easy storage, and durability. It also prevents uncalled sliding as well as offer the best night rest you can ever hope to get!

Besides everything, air mattress brings some health benefits too. For instance, if you have problems with your back or neck due to sinking beds, you will not experience the pains again with an air mattress because it can’t sink.

Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

From a lot of options, we have searched the air mattress industry to find out the best five mattresses for everyday use which can suit your champion, guest, and outdoor trips.

We based our search on certain criteria that we are going to let you see. Let us allow you into our little world of the best five mattresses in the market by showing them to you one after one. Take a look below.

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress 

The first model to take a look at is the Dream Series air mattress. This air bed is perhaps one of the best air mattresses for everyday use in our list. One thing you mustn’t miss is the special design on it which matches with any modern home. It comes with a combination of blue and beige colors. It is mainly for home use, but you can still use it for outdoor trips. The SoundAsleep air mattress is very flexible and has an amazing quality that provides a comfort zone for users during sleep.

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Key Feature at a Glance

  • It has an ideal queen size
  • You can inflate it fully under 4 minutes
  • It has two separate air chambers so you can raise the double-height to suit your needs
  • The mattress is extra thick and has a waterproof flocked top which prevents bacteria attack during a storage period
  • The surface layer offers comfort with a multilayer, puncture-resistant material
  • It features 40 internal air coil to provide a comfortable level Queen size

Queen size

Queen is a perfect size that comes with this air mattress. It is large enough for a couple or two guests to sleep comfortably. The size appears at 78x58x19 inches. The size of the mattress is so ideal that it looks like a real bed. Spending a night on this mattress will be like a dream come true.


You can raise the height of the mattress to 19” as it comes with double chamber construction. For the height, it becomes easy to climb up and out without trouble. Besides, you can easily use it as a second bed.


The material of the mattress is of very high quality and long-lasting. The surface is very soft and comfortable. Moreover, the multilayer material is puncture-resistant, extra thick and waterproof which makes it more durable. The waterproof surface helps to avoid bacteria during preservation periods.


Sound sleep dream air bed is a lightweight of around 20 pounds meaning that you can move it easily on and inside your home or outdoors. It also comes with a travel bag so you can easily carry it out while traveling for camping, picnic or other reason. You can pack it easily in a carry bag for transportation and storage. The integrated storage unit is for keeping the cable neat and tidy, while the sure-grip base will hinder the air mattress from sliding unnecessarily.


It has 40 Individual air coils which provide essential support along with comfort level. In fact, the dual segregation air chamber helps you to adjust the firmness of both sides individually. If you and your partner have a different choice, then you can set your bed accordingly to your demand with the help of a patented pump. This pump will help you to inflate or deflate the air mattress quickly.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead about some pros and cons.


  • Very light weighted
  • Easy to carry and easy to store
  • Comfortable surface with a waterproof material
  • User-friendly pump that easily inflated within a few minutes
  • Has a travel bag
  • Eco-friendly


  • Some users complain of air leakages
  • A user also complained that it does not hold air for a long time

2. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

Another air mattress on our list of the best air mattresses for everyday use is known as Lazery sleep air mattress. It is excellent for your personal use as well as camping or any outdoor use.

It comes in a very classic design with two color forms. The manufacturers are very close to the famous dream series mattress in their quality of the product.

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Key Feature at a Glance

  • It has two sizes of design queen size and twin size
  • Built-in electric pump pattern
  • Long-lasting with waterproof technology
  • Led light remote control
  • Seven remote settings
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Filling of the mattress is under four minutes


The size of the air mattress is very impressive. They have two sizes one is a queen, and the other is the twin. The dimension of the queen is 78x58x19 inches, and the twin size is 74x39x19 inches. So the thing is that you can choose your size according to your needs. Both of the sizes are perfect for everyday use and the guest offers.


The most important fact about this air mattress is the rate of comfort it gives to you as a user. The double-height in an inflated state will ensure overall comfort to you, overnight guests, camping purposes and other times. It builds up in double chamber function and can raise the double-height to 19 inches. Moreover, the 40 air coil makes the mattress super comfortable and relaxing. Furthermore, the surface is extra thick and gives a comfortable feeling.


Another noteworthy point is the durability of the mattress. It is made of high-quality material that gives long-lasting durability. The multilayer puncture-proof material not only ensures its long-lasting capacity but also comes with the waterproof flocked top for extra comfort and sound sleep.

Led Remote

The latest fact about the mattress is its LED light feature. Undoubtedly a remote control is an essential feature of a mattress that makes it easy to manage. But the LED light function in it adds extra ease even in the darkroom since you can manage it comfortably.


The weight of the mattress is around 20 pounds very close to the dream series mattress. Weight is important in both cases of outdoor and indoor use. But we think 20 pounds is not a very heavyweight to carry it off.

Electric Pump

Though most of the mattress comes with the electric pump, it also has this feature. Also, there is an auto shut off so that when the mattress fills up with air, the feature will automatically stop.

Seven remote setting

This air mattress has a seven remote setting mechanism that allows you to choose the kind of firmness you need. You can set it to be soft, plush, stable, extra firm or inflated throughout the night.

Portability and compact nature

You can fold this mattress to carry it while traveling. There is a bag for putting things to save traveling space. You don’t have to be afraid of puncture since it is puncture resistant. The base is graspable, and the top is puncture-proof. The mattress features incredible flexibility which makes it good for inside use. You can inflate or deflate it quickly with the built-in electric pump at a glance. All these attributes make it more durable than others in the market.

Without further ado, take a quick look at some pros and cons.


  • Comfortable and long-lasting
  • Your dependable companion with the carry bag
  • Led light remote control
  • Waterproof flocked top for comfort and good rest
  • Dual chamber construction
  • Quickly fill up with air and easy to deflate
  • It allows for quick grip
  • High customer satisfaction


  • After few months uses, it is not able to hold air whole night
  • It deflated during sleeping time

3. Air Mattress QUEEN size – Best Choice RAISED Inflatable Bed

We have another air mattress that comes with the best choice. Nice sky blue color mattress comes with a fine bamboo sheet a beautiful white color bed skirt on the bottom. This feature makes it a good choice indeed. It looks like a perfect bed when you inflate it completely.

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Key Feature at a Glance

  • It has 4 sizes available
  • Brings immense health benefits especially for back pain
  • Excellent look with excellent color
  • Large bearing weight capacity
  • Best customer support
  • Inflated within ten minutes

Number of Sizes

With excellent design, the mattress comes in some sizes. Speaking of the size details, it has 4 sizes available currently in the market. They are twin XL, queen, king and full size. Every size may vary from 1-3 inches depending on the firmness. So you can choose to depend on how many members are going to sleep over it or according to the room or camping tent size.


Like other mattresses, we described in our list this one is also very comfortable for sleeping indoors and outdoors as well. The model provides a luxury topper and bed skirt that maximize the comfort level. Moreover, for a comfortable sleep, the model has a very strong material surface with protective nylon laminate.

Health Benefits

Unlike other air mattresses, this one brings health benefits. The air mattress offers benefits for those who are sufferers of back or neck pain. Some air beds may not offer support for joint pain or other health problems, but this one does and works as well.


The weight capacity of the mattress is praiseworthy. Queen size weight is around 24 pounds, but it is variable and depends on the size you choose. After fully floated the weight capacity is for queen 600 IBS again it depends on your size choice. We are here to get you some ideas about the weight capacity the models have. You are now free to select the desired size that will suit you and your family.

Material Use

The brand says that there is no possibility of air leakages in their product. As every air mattress has seams that break down after a particular length of time and start air leakage, the manufacturers of this one ensure that they use laminated vinyl to prevent seams from overstretching and prolong the life of the mattress. Though we are not sure about it, you can verify it better after use.

Inflation and Deflation

This air bed can last for ten minutes if you want to inflate or deflate it to suit your fancy. There is a reliable pump, an extra pump for doing inflating while on the road, a portable pinch valve as well as a storage case for all the accessories.

Attractive Mattress

The airbed looks good with the fixed bed skirt which makes it appear fantastic as well as provide warmth and comfort. With this particular air mattress, you are sure to avoid the discomfort of a cold bed. The company is truthful in the area of size. There is no way you can get a size other than the one you ordered for like in the case of other companies. And the size of the blow-up bed is the real size of the family bed at home.

Installation and Set-up

To sum it up, it is easy to set up. You don’t need anyone to direct you on how to do it because everything about the mattress is simple. The built-in pump makes filling up easy and fast. If there is any problem, great customer service is ready to be of help to you!


  • Comes in some sizes
  • Good for back pain patients
  • Offers topper bed skirt
  • Allow high weight
  • Nice design with a nice look


  • Sometimes air pump motor overheats

4. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

This nice grey color air mattress is one of the products of the Dura-Beam series. We put it up 4th place but does not mean that it is of less quality. Perhaps this model has some unique feature that is indeed an essential function which we need in a mattress. Let’s start with the key feature and take a look at others.

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Key Feature at a Glance

  • The mattress has an essential built-in pump
  • Airlock tested
  • Waterproof Flocked top and side with the vinyl bottom
  • The mattress can support most probably 600ibs
  • Inflate nearly 4 to 5 minute highest
  • Queen size coming in 60″x80″x22″
  • Duffel bag for storage and transport

Nice Size

We start with size because the model is very nice in this area. This mattress is 22 inches in height that means it is very likely to be normal bed size. The size makes it possible for users to climb up and down easily. Even old age people can easily use it just like a normal bed use. The size mentioned in the product description is queen size.

Little Air Loss

As the mattress is used, air coil and day by day use makes it lose some air. But the fact is how much air it loses. Very clearly speaking we found out that this mattress manages to reduce the loss of air by its design. All you have to do is follow the directions by inflating the mattress, and you will notice less air loss.

Material and Durability

The mattress uses high-quality and strong polyester fiber as a material. This means that it does not expand over time and also assures users of durability. Moreover, it has a waterproof flocked top and all this material used in it makes the mattress a high-quality product.

Built-in Pump

A built-in pump is a key feature of the product. This function makes it easy to inflate the mattress. It is easy like plugging in a cord and pressing a button, and your air mattress is ready for your sleep. The process only takes 4 to 5 minutes to prepare it properly.

Comfort level

When it comes to comfort, the mattress is unquestionable. The use of super quality material and structural longevity is fine enough to make it comfortable.


The noteworthy point is the mattress’s weight-bearing capacity. It’s able to bear up to 600 pounds at most. That means very high weight at a time.

Portable and Compact

The mattress features a duffle bag that helps you to store it as you travel without fear of space. There is a manual on how to use the mattress too.


  • Very fast inflation capacity
  • Less air loss
  • Very comfortable
  • Nice size like a regular bed


  • Loss of air overtime use

5. Twin Sized SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

We are back again with the SoundAsleep dream series. As we mentioned before, it is one of the best air mattress providers. This time we describe the same brand with the same name but different in size and slightly different in some features. Firstly, take a look at the key features.

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Key Feature at a Glance

  • Build-in pump to fully inflate mattress under 4 minute
  • Comfortable surface with a waterproof flocked top
  • 21 internal air coil to provide a comfortable level
  • Carry bag for easy transport
  • Comes in twin size

Size Measurement

As we previously mentioned the queen, the measurement of twin one is 73x38x18 inches less than the queen, but it also raised the double-height. You can raise the height of at least 18″. The sure-grip base hinders unwanted sliding while the case for carrying the item makes for easy transport and portability. This mattress is one of the most durable of them all.


The mattress is versatile since you can use it at home, for overnight guests, relatives, family friends, or camping etc. In all, it can serve many purposes.

The Function of Built-in Pump

As we know, a built-in pump works great for an air mattress and there is no difference. The feature inflates the mattress for 4 minutes without the touch of a hand or any trouble. You have to read the instruction and plug it in; then you are done. The pump also removes sagging and loss of air pressure.


This air mattress is indeed very lightweight. It is around 14 pounds and shipping weight is around 18 pounds. The weight makes the user able to carry it out at any place easily. One can easily bring this while visiting a friend’s house for a night or take it to a hotel room for an extra bed.

Including carrying bag

The model also comes with a carry bag, or you can say it is a travel bag. The carry bag is mainly for easy transport or easy preservation.


At the point of comfort level, no brand can beat the dream series air mattress. This air mattress also comes with comfortable processing in which 21 air coils offer comfort to every sleeper, even as they are in camping, indoor home or outdoor travel.


  • Mattress inflates easily
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Very lightweight
  • A fast and secure pump system


  • Prone to air leakage after a few days of use
  • No color choice option available

Buying Guide

When you decide to buy an air mattress, there are many considerable factors you must be thinking of to check. The brand you are selecting to buy will mainly depend on what you want in a mattress. Here we mentioned some important facts about the air mattress that is essential in most of the cases. So we suggest some facts below to check out when you decide to buy the best air mattress for everyday use.


Well before you buy an air mattress, you must be thinking about why you need it. If you only want to take it for camping or some frequent guest visit, then we assume you take the normal ones which have less than perfect attributes. But if you need it for everyday use, then you must be thinking about the perfect one. Therefore ensure the quality of the mattress you select to buy by after deciding on the purpose you have for it.


There are different sizes available in the market. For example queen, twin, twin XL, king and full size. But you have to select according to space or place where you are going to set it. Some of these sizes will offer you a variety of heights and of course different prices.

Manual or Build-in Pump

After ensuring the purpose of buying, you must check how the mattress inflated or deflated. That’s which method they use to set your air bed. There are two use systems mainly one is manual and other is the built-in pump. Be sure about the fact because without the pump you can’t find your bed.

That’s which method they use for setting your air bed. There are two setting systems that you can use; one is manual, and the other is the built-in pump. You can use the manual method when you are on the road while the built-in pump helps at home. Be sure about this fact because without the pump you can’t find your bed.

Comfortable or Not

Be sure about the material they use to make the mattress. It is important because it ensures your comfort level. If the mattress is not comfortable enough, then you will be laying on a bad nightmare. So check to ensure that the material and comfort zone is correct before you buy.

The thickness and Puncture Resistance

You would not want to get a mattress that cannot resist puncture. It is never economical. Some mattresses can store a bacterium that is why you should think of a mattress that has a waterproof cover. The safety is also a guarantee since you have a bag for carrying it if you decide to make a move.


  1. Reader question: How long will it take to take to inflate the air mattress?

Answer: Different mattresses take different times. It mainly depends on the mattress you select. But we estimate the time to be 3 minutes to 40 minutes.

  1. Reader question: How often do I need to fill up the air beds?

Answer:  It depends on when you want to use the bed. But of course, there is some air bed that requires frequent filling up. Therefore, see the instructions on the manual first to know which one you are to select.

  1. Reader Question: How do I deflate my air beds?

Answer: Some air mattresses have deflated settings and some have not. So before selecting, first check out if there is a deflating system in the mattress. Without such a feature, you will not find it easy when traveling.

  1. Reader Question: How do I clean the mattress?

Answer: You can clean your mattress by using a gentle detergent and then dry it by using air.

  1. Reader Question: How can I take care of my air bed?

Answer:  Taking care is easy. After using it, deflate and store it in a box or bag.

Final words

Overall we can’t deny that the best air mattress for everyday use is a good choice at present.  However, all air mattresses are not created equally. There are plenty of designs, features, sizes, colors, and functions available in the market. So purchasing the best air mattress for everyday use or other reasons is not easy if you have no idea about airbeds. But hopefully, our review of the best air mattresses, buying guide and question-answer will help you out with your search. Don’t worry; you will find the one you need from our description and guideline.

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